Animal Removal

Racoon in chimney Have you experienced rodents or other animals occupying your chimney? We handle both live and dead animals.

If the animal is alive, we will prevent it's being harmed during removal. Once the animal is removed, the fireplace/chimney is cleaned and fumigated.

This prevents the occurrence of mites and lice that might be associated with decaying matter and ensures that these pests are not allowed to enter your home.

You need to have the right covering on your chimney at all times of the year but especially around the spring months. This is the time Chimney Swifts (birds) like to start nesting and mating. The fecal matter from these birds has been linked to a condition called histoplasmosis. This is an infectious disease of the lungs caused by breathing in dust from the bird droppings.

It's quite common for the bird droppings to collect on the top of your damper. The young, the elderly, and people with weak immune systems should be very careful. Bird droppings can cause breathing problems along with a host of other potentially life-threatening allergies.

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